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The Difference Between a Pool Filter Ball and a Fiber Bundle

Pool filter ball filters and fiber bundle filters are both devices used for filtering pool sewage. Pool filter balls and fiber bundles are fiber filter materials, but many people will consider whether to choose filter balls or fiber bundles in the procurement process. Today, we will explain the difference between ball filtration and fiber bundle filtration.

Different filter construction

Pool filter ball filtration: Take a bundle of short fibers and tie them in the middle so that the short fibers form a radial spherical structure. The characteristic of this filter ball is that the fiber in the center of the ball is dense, the closer to the edge of the ball the fiber is more loose, the porosity distribution is not uniform, the filter ball filter is formed by filling the filter ball in the container filter bed structure. Because the filter ball is loose, the filaments between the filter balls can be interspersed in the filter bed.

Pool fiber bundle filtration: The fiber bundle filter material is fixed with the outlet hole plate, and the other end is set on the pressure plate with a certain opening rate. In addition, in the initial stage of operation, relying on the water flow against the head resistance of the platelets, the fiber near the side of the platelets is first bent, which can increase the head resistance, and then produce downward pressure, further squeezing the lower part of the fiber layer. When the pressure plate is pressed down to the right position, the limit device can prevent its downward movement.

The basic filter principle differs

Difference 1: Structure

Fiber bundle filters generally consist of a series of elongated fiber bundles arranged in parallel, while pool filter ball filters are composed of many small pool filter balls.

Difference 2: Filtration efficiency

Because the fiber bundle of a fiber bundle filter has a larger surface area and higher porosity, it is relatively more efficient at filtering. The filtration efficiency of the pool filter ball filter is relatively low.

Difference 3: Cleaning and maintenance

The fiber bundle filter is easy to clean and maintain because of its simple structure. The pool filter ball filter because of the internal complexity, there will be some corners that are difficult to remove, so a better cleaning process is needed to ensure its filtration effect.

Difference 4: Scope of application

Fiber bundle filter can be used to filter high viscosity liquid, high concentration suspension and gas, etc. The pool filter ball filter is mainly used for swimming pool sewage filtration.

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Filters are used for different purposes

Pool filter ball filter material and fiber bundle filter material, although they use the same material, have different uses. There is also a clear difference between pool filtration ball filtration and fiber bundle filtration. The spherical structure of the pool filter ball filter is radial, the middle fiber is dense, the closer to the edge of the ball, the more loose the fiber, the uneven distribution of porosity. The fiber bundle filtration is to weave the fibers into bundles and form a bed between the bundles. In the bed, the fiber filaments can penetrate each other to form a whole. The pressure on the fiber ball is the sum of the fluid resistance of the filtered water flow, the gravity of the fiber ball itself and the gravity of the trapped suspended matter, which increases in turn.


In general, although fiber balls and fiber bundles look similar, they differ significantly in structure and use. The individual characteristic of the pool filter ball filter is that the middle fiber of the ball is dense, and the fiber bundle is the fiber woven into a bundle. When choosing which filter material to use, it is necessary to choose according to the specific situation.